Consistent quality and excellent nail holding ability make this a high, cost performance product that it can meet a variety of construction needs. Available in a select range of thicknesses, widths and lengths, it can be used for roofs, walls and floors.

How our OSB is made

OSB (an abbreviation for “Oriented Strand Board”) is a wood structural panel comprised of strands which are oriented into layers and bonded with an adhesive. Large scale production in Canada allows panels to be manufactured producing cost effective long sheathing OSB.

A friend of the environment

The raw wood used for West Fraser OSB is harvested from fast growing small diameter Aspen forests, which regenerate quickly. We use the entire log, including bark and chips. All of our mills manufacturing for Japan are PEFC certified.

Free of any supply shortages

West Fraser’s two JAS-certified mills in Western Canada have an annual manufacturing capacity of 1.8 million cubic meters. They’re ideally located to supply international markets and can ship from Canada to Japan in around 14 days. Regular shipping allows us to be responsive when sudden demand increases.

To request a cut sample of our OSB, please contact us via the sample request form.

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