From Canadian forests to Japan. As the world’s largest OSB manufacturer, we ensure environmental protection and sustainable production.

In Canada, West Fraser’s home, about half of the land is forested. In such a country where wood is central to its culture, West Fraser manufactures products which support smarter, safer and stronger buildings.

The World’s largest OSB manufacturer, founded in Canada

Known as the world’s largest OSB manufacturer with annual sales of USD 1.7 billion, West Fraser produces 8 million cubic meters of OSB annually at our 15 mill locations in Canada, U.S. and Europe. With over 25 years of sales to Japan, West Fraser’s OSB has been used in construction projects nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

In Canada, West Fraser’s home, about half of the land is forested. Wood has always been part of its culture and Canada has been carrying out environment protection efforts for many years. 94% of Canada’s forest land is publicly owned and managed, maintaining strict standards and regulations to deliver sustainable forest management. Despite being the world’s largest exporter of wood products, there is almost no forest loss from logging. We have inherited this culture, which has established sustainable production. We use the entire log, including bark and chips and all of our mills manufacturing for Japan have been PEFC certified.

Export and sales in Japan

Since we started exporting to Japan in 1994, our total production has already exceeded 3 million cubic meters. West Fraser has contributed to expanding the OSB market in Japan.

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