Our ROOF products are manufactured with a screened surface on one side, which offers better traction for installers. Made of wood, they do not readily conduct heat or cold, and can be used in combination with insulation materials, the envelope of a home and reducing incoming hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter.

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We are making a shift from European OSB to Canadian OSB. It’s more cost effective and easy to use. Screened surface offers great traction, making it safer to work with for installers. Building Materials Company

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OSB Specifications

ApplicationsJAS grade classThickness(mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Maximum span (mm)Nail type / Nail spacing
OSB dimensions and span ratings for Post and Beam constructionRoof sheathing312.09101820455N50(CN50)
OSB dimensions and span ratings for platform-frame constructionRoof sheathing311.0
Perimeter spacing
Intermediary spacing
Panels can also be installed with the strength axis perpendicular. For more information, consult APA The Engineered Wood Association.

To request a cut sample of our OSB, please contact us via the sample request form.

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