Lumber products

In Japan, West Fraser exports Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF) from our mills in British Columbia.

About our products


OSB (an abbreviation for “Oriented Strand Board”) is a wood structural panel comprised of strands which are oriented lengthwise, arranged in layers and bonded with an adhesive. It’s categorized as an engineered wood product and known as a durable structural material. OSB is used for various purposes in building structures and is present in more than 70% of buildings in North America.

About our products



Our ROOF products are manufactured with a screened surface on one side, which offers better traction for installers.

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Our WALL products offer high in-plane shear performance, hold nails well, and provide buildings with increased protection from natural disasters.

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Our FLOOR products incorporate an engineered taper to the top of all four edges, minimizing floor surface unevenness that can occur after installation due to precipitation and humidity.

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At West Fraser, we conduct research and development to ensure the safety and peace of mind of residents and end-users.